BVS Smart Camera

BVS Smart Camera

For tracking, quality control and for positioning tasks

The simple to use SmartCamera from Balluff offers you all the necessary functions for tracking (traceability), quality control and visually solving positioning tasks. The tasks (analyzing, finding, measuring) can be individually combined and the results flexibly transmitted.

The equipment includes functions for the integrated test preparation and inspection overview and statistics. In addition, you can directly control IO-Link products. The SmartCamera can be quickly integrated into the sequence with its easy, software-assisted operation. In addition, you can create any test plan for using the camera more flexibly.




  • Smart data management for limiting the load on Profinet and Ethernet/IP
  • Simple integration in the production environment via IO-Link connection
  • Safe, customer-specific result management for the controller or for the server
  • Robust, industrial-grade design


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